Odd Jobs: Food Flavorist

She's not a chef, but Marie Wright's work is quietly featured in many of the
foods we eat. Part Willy Wonka, part chemist, she cooks up flavors and
aromas in the New Jersey laboratory of International Flavors & Fragrances.

Odd Jobs: An Urban Tree-Climbing Professional

David Fedczuk is an arborist in the New York Botanical Garden and climbs
trees for a living. The most dangerous part of his job? The chainsaw.

Odd Jobs: The Harbor Master

Anisa R. Khandkar supervises all of the traffic passing through the Verrazano
Narrows for the U.S. Coast Guard. Directing the incredibly high traffic of
New York Harbor is only part of the job.

WalkAbout NY: Nicole Miller's Changing Tribeca

Fashion Designer Nicole Miller takes Lee Hawkins on a Walkabout through
the ever-changing world of Tribeca. On the way she shows off her favorite
bakery,and points to the restaurants and alleys that have survived the
neighborhood's explosion.

Odd Jobs: The Goatherd of Staten Island

Kathy Garofalo, a park ranger at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island, uses
goats to clear this urban National Park's steep battery walls of plants and weeds.


MULTIMEDIA - The Realists

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